Getting spring started…

Ginger seed pieces, ready to pre-sprout

We love to play with specialty crops, and here’s a new one for us. Today, we began to pre-sprout our ginger seed pieces, which arrived last week from Hawaii. In our area, growers treat ginger as an annual crop. They plant seed pieces in early spring, and harvest “baby ginger” in the fall. This tender baby ginger is full of flavor and very tender, without any of the fiber that is present in full-grown ginger.

Last year, we did a little pilot experiment to learn about this crop, and harvested a beautiful crop of ginger in the fall. This year, we have experiments planned to evaluate whether baby ginger can be grown in a low tunnel (rather than in valuable high tunnel space!), and to look at how length of growing season impacts yield. Stay tuned…

‘Hawaiian Yellow’ baby ginger, harvested October 2016, cleaned and trimmed.



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