About Us

Who are we? We are members of UNH Cooperative Extension’s Vegetable & Fruit team, along with a group of our undergraduate and graduate students at the University of New Hampshire. While much of our work is done at the NH Agricultural Experiment Station in Durham, NH, we are located throughout the state of NH and our research project topics are driven by the needs of NH growers. We believe that using effective growing practices for our region (including new varieties, new crops, and season extension strategies) can help farmers diversify, improve yields, and improve crop quality. Many of our integrated research and extension projects focus on high-value specialty crop production systems and methods of extending the growing season (e.g. season extension).

Becky Sideman, Extension Professor
Heather Bryant, Extension Field Specialist
Olivia Saunders, Extension Field Specialist
George Hamilton, Extension Field Specialist

Graduate Students

Kaitlyn Orde – M.S. candidate, Agricultural Sciences. Check out Kaitlyn’s research blog, here.

Alina Harris – M.S. candidate, Agricultural Sciences – also part of Iago Hale’s lab group.

Undergraduate Students

Talia Levy

Jackie Pondolfino

Sabrina Beck

Partial Lab Photo, Fall 2017, from L to R: Becky Sideman, Kaitlyn Orde, Alina Harris, and Talia Levy. Not pictured: Sabrina Beck, Jackie Pondolfino.


Fall 2015 Lab Picture, from L to R: Kelsey MacDonald, Kaitlyn Orde, Becky Sideman, Meghan Phelan, Talia Levy, and Connor Eaton with wife Hannah.

Former Graduate Students

Connor Eaton – M.S. Plant Biology 2016. Year-round management of high tunnel production systems: spinach and tomato. 

Claire Collie – M.S. Plant Biology 2013. Bench-top production of baby salad greens in greenhouses. 

Elisabeth Hodgdon – M.S. Plant Biology 2013. Use of cover crops for weed suppression and nutrient capture. Liz is now a PhD candidate at the University of Vermont, in Dr. Yolanda Chen’s laboratory.

Jennifer Bonina-Noseworthy -Ph.D. Plant Biology 2012. Eating quality and variability in carotenoid content and profiles in winter squash and sweet potato. Jen is now Assistant Professor of Biology at Gordon College in Wenham, MA.

Clifton Martin – M.S. Plant Biology 2011, Growing winter sprouting broccoli in unheated high tunnels in New Hampshire. Clifton is now an Extension Educator with Ohio State University Extension, in Muskingum County, OH.