Biological warfare

Our group has been learning a lot about how to identify naturally-occurring enemies of plant pests (mostly aphids). As part of one of our research projects, we have been scouting very carefully, every other week, in our tomato and pepper experiments. We are learning that when we look closely, we are seeing a whole new world!! As … More Biological warfare

an excursion

Last week, several members of our group took a trip. We travelled all the way over to Burlington, VT, where Margaret Skinner and Cheryl Frank Sullivan led a fantastic hands-on training for us as well as our collaborators from University of Maine and Pennsylvania State University. We got some direct experience identifying different species of aphids. We … More an excursion

A busy week

It has been a busy week for our research program! Our summer team (Jackie and Talia) is here, and Kaitlyn is done with classes – so in the past week, we have: covered the caterpillar tunnels and planted tomatoes and habitat plants for our SARE high tunnel project. planted our greenhouse pepper variety trial, and sent … More A busy week