Onions down!

Our overwintered onions have sized up nicely, and the tops have fallen for several of the plots. Fallen tops are an indicator of bulb maturity, so once this happens, we start measuring size and weight of bulbs. What are we seeing? There was a fair amount of bolting this year, especially in the earliest planting, which … More Onions down!

A busy week

It has been a busy week for our research program! Our summer team (Jackie and Talia) is here, and Kaitlyn is done with classes – so in the past week, we have: covered the caterpillar tunnels and planted tomatoes and habitat plants for our SARE high tunnel project. planted our greenhouse pepper variety trial, and sent … More A busy week

Onion harvest underway

The tops of many of our overwintered onions have fallen, signaling that they are mature and have reached their final bulb size. We’re pulling these and measuring them, and will then let them dry down. This experiment has approximately 20 varieties planted at five different planting dates in both high tunnel and low tunnels, so there’s … More Onion harvest underway